(EXCLUSIVE) Jennifer Williams Officially Returns To ‘Basketball Wives’

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(EXCLUSIVE) Jennifer Williams Officially Returns To 'Basketball Wives'

Jennifer Williams Officially Returns To ‘Basketball Wives’

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Jennifer Williams has reportedly returned to reality TV. Sources tell us that she’s officially returned to Basketball Wives.

She’s signed her contract and already started filming.

Jennifer was one of the original cast members of ‘Basketball Wives: Miami’. Initially, it was reported that Jennifer wanted to return this season to the show, but her former best friend Evelyn Lozada had axed the decision.

(EXCLUSIVE) Jennifer Williams Officially Returns To 'Basketball Wives'

Jennifer, Evelyn Lozada circa 2011

Sources tell us,

Evelyn and Jennifer haven’t spoken in years and they fell-out publicly. Evelyn did NOT want Jennifer back on the show. Evelyn has some power within the show and told producers that it was either her or Jennifer. Initially, they wanted Evelyn back so much, that they¬†agreed.

(EXCLUSIVE) Jennifer Williams Officially Returns To 'Basketball Wives'

So what prompted Jennifer’s return? We’re told that producers want to create a storyline about Jennifer and Evelyn’s beef with each other. We hear that at some point, Jennifer is going to confront Evelyn.

(EXCLUSIVE) Jennifer Williams Officially Returns To 'Basketball Wives'

Malaysia Pargo, Brandi Maxiell

In other news, fans can also expect to see Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell this season. theJasmineBRAND.com broke the story, initially the contracts for both women were not renewed. We later reported exclusively that Malaysia will return later this season. We also reported exclusively that executive producer Shaunie O’Neal was said to be livid that Brandi was returning to the show and some of the cast were trying not to film with her. Brandi will also return to the show later this season.

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  • Fat

    im glad jennifer is returning. you go girl.

  • kay3434

    I thought that Shady Shaunie had all the power. Now I know better! I’m so glad Jennifer, Brandi, and Malaysia are returning.

    • Katie Dunn

      She tried to get rid of Brandy!! she has no Power!

    • Yasmine Wilson

      Brandi isn’t coming back as a cast member, she’s a friend.

  • BAG510

    I am glad that All 3 are returning. I will wait for about 6 episodes, by then they should be back on the show. The reason why I will NOT watch, is because I do not like Evelyn. Besides, her clips are TOO long.

  • donna

    All they need now is Royce & Susie

  • Lacey Dadrey

    Tammi is cool with Jennifer so I am sure that she will try to prevent her from ever bring cool with Evekyn. Tammi doesn’t like antone that she is cool with to be friends with people that she doesn’t get along with which is really petty.

  • Yasmine Wilson

    Evelyn stated she didn’t block Jennifer from being on the show. She said that she had a real friendship with Jennifer and she didn’t want to hash out their relationship on TV. & Brandi is coming back as a “friend” to Malaysia.

  • Ladyday54

    I am so happy Jennifer is returning to Basketball Wives! I always felt Jennifer and Shaunie brought the class and sophistication the show needed. As far as I’m concerned they could do without Evelyn who I felt was partially responsible for the demise of Basketball Wives Miami, with her deplorable and uncouth behavior! Jumping on tables and throwing bottles at people is not normal and should not be tolerated again. If Evelyn can’t go with the program then get rid of her!

  • Melanie M Garfield

    Not a fan of Jennifer. Particularly her voice. It’s high pitched nasal and whiny. Makes me cringe. Lol.