Xzibit’s Estranged Wife Demands Monthly Support Be Increased To $14k + Claims Rapper Hasn’t Seen Their Son In Months


Xzibit’s Estranged Wife Demands Monthly Support Be Increased To $14k + Claims Rapper Hasn’t Seen Their Son In Months

It looks like things are getting messy between Xzibit and his estranged wife.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Xzibit’s estranged wife Krista Joiner has demanded her $6k a month in support be increased to around $14k.

In the court filing, Krista claims she has had to borrow money from family and friends to help support her and her 12-year-old son Gatlyn, whom she shares with Xzibit.

She is accusing the rapper of intentionally delaying turning over his financial records that she requested. Krista says Xzibit’s legal team recently provided a set of documents, however, that is not enough. In addition, she claims Xzibit was deposed on December 19 but failed to produce any documents.


Krista says the tax returns they did produce showed Xzibit’s monthly income was $45K. However, according to Krista, the $6k a month support figure was based on the entertainer’s income being reported as $25k a month. Furthermore, Krista is accusing Xzibit of refusing to pay for her health insurance premiums over the last few months and says he also stopped paying the full amount of their child’s tuition.

Krista also alleges the “Pimp My Ride” host hasn’t been spending time with their son. She claims Xzibit hasn’t seen their child since October 2022.

Krista wrote in court documents:

“I believe the last time he actually saw Gatlyn was around [Xzibit’s] own birthday in September 2022. Gatlyn called [Xzibit] on Christmas and [Xzibit] refused to answer or call him back. Our son is devastated.”

She continued,

“Meanwhile, we see on [Xzibit’s] social media posts that he is frequently on tour in exotic countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand, only in the last few months.” 

On the other hand, Xzibit wants his estranged wife to stop counting his pockets and go get a job. As previously reported, back in November, the rapper asked the judge presiding over his ongoing divorce battle to order his ex to undergo a vocational evaluation. The evaluation, which will be conducted by a court-appointed official, is meant to determine Krista’s ability to work, “as well as her available employment options.”

The information that the expert obtains during the examination will be used to help the court determine how much spousal and child support should be awarded. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur claims his ex previously agreed to submit to an evaluation but has since gone back on her word. He wants her sanctioned to the tune of $5,590 for skipping out on their alleged agreement.

Krista filed for divorce from the rapper in 2021. The couple had been together since 2001 and tied the knot in 2014. They had two children together, Gatlyn, 12, and Xavier, who died in 2008 at just 11 days old.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole