[VIDEO] Pebbles’ Daughter, Ashley Reid, Speaks Out, Threatens Chilli, ‘I will beat her face into the concrete!’

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Just when we thought there may be a slight chance that tensions were lowering between the TLC vs. the Reid family beef, a recent interview paints a different picture. As you know, the VH1 biopic, Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story has caused friction between the group and it’s former manager Pebbles. Last week, she released an official statement via Facebook. And over the weekend, Ashley Reid, the daughter of Pebbles and L.A. Reid spoke out on an online radio show called ‘Reid Radio’ (which we assumed is ran by Ashley and/or other members of the family). And it’s certainly has our ears ringing. In short, Ashley went into great depth about how upset the Reid family is about the film, while making some alleged claims about Chilli and her father (L.A.) having some type of inappropriate/romantic relationship (and that’s putting it lightly). What’s more? She’s also made it crystal clear that if and when she sees Chilli she is going to ‘beat her face into the concrete!’. Don’t believe me? Just watch and read a few excerpts.

On how she feels about her family being portrayed: 

It was especially weird for me to see a bunch of f*ckin lies…that was interesting…I’m just gonna say this really quick. To the American and some South American people, that I’ve spoken to this past week, honestly I am very, very, very discouraged angered and saddened by how f-cking ignorant and vapid people are. Seriously. …. I’m so used to being on my own planet. For example, growing up celebrities weren’t celebrities to us. They were people who took sh-ts in our bathroom. We ate at the same table. You know what I’m saying already I have a skewed perspective for what a celebrity is period. Which means I don’t know what its like to a manical fan….Being a fan is a beautiful thing. To be clinically ignorant is something else. To me these people are why we have the Patriot Act…
On being above average [in comparison to most people]: 
Just being I’m educated, does not mean I don’t know how to be tactless. I don’t know how to rip your f-cking a– open and I don’t know how to put hands on you. Just because your educated and you grew up a certain way does not mean that you can’t go toe to toe with foolishness. In actually means that you have an upper hand on foolishness because you are forever talking down to somebody. I have no problem, going down to somebody’s level its the only way they are going to be able to understand me. Instead of me being my self, I would much rather come down to your level so that we can at least have an even conversation.
On how she felt her mother was used: 
 They [T-Boz and Chilli] know what they lied about…They used mostly our family, mostly mom as a pawn for publicity to drive the whole entire film  and she was actually in the majority of it. As the devil, as the super villain and common sense will tell you if you continue the hole entire time to point a finger at everybody else and never take responsibility for anything it usually means that you need to sit your f-cking ass down and take some accountability for something.
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On Pebbles being used as a scapegoat for the film: 
Mom woke one day and decided she wanted to make the biggest girl group in the world and went plucked them and their dusty asses off the corner of the street and then spent almost a million dollars developing them in the basement of our home, paying for doctors bills for food, styling, apartments, transportation, for studio time and etc. For them to then get a production deal with Laface Records, where the actual money was coming from. That is actually how this sh-t works. At the end of day, its not even necessarily a give me credit type of thing, its don’t be lying stank ass b-itches. Seriously.

On her mother asking her (Ashley) not to be involved with defending her to the public:

 Mom. just wants me to stop threatening people. Mom is concerned with my emotions. She’s a mother at the end of the day. So she’s just like, ‘I feel this way and that way about it, but I don’t want you flying off the handle, I don’t want aggression coming towards you and I also don’t want you to go jail. But she’s like, ‘I love you and appreciate you for defending your mom.’

On being attacked by TLC fans on Twitter:
I said what I wanted to say all of sudden..I can’t say the work attacked cause it didn’t mean anything to me, when I started getting bothered in nasty and aggressive ways while they’re telling mean I’m mean. I’m looking at this and you’re telling me I’m mean and you’re calling me a b-tch, my mother a devil…Has TLC paid your light bill this month? Why is their money so f-cking important to you?
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On why TLC filed for bankruptcy: 
It didn’t mean they were broke, it meant they had to many debts they had to pay. Did they handle their money properly?No. Did they get signed after being invested so much in with like some blue chip f-cking Mariah Carey deal before their first album came out? No. Those certain things were true. Were they treated like they were slaves that my family pulled from Africa and put on a plantation at Laface Records? No.
On Lisa’s family not being happy about she was portrayed:
Lisa was the creative person in that trio. She was the one that really had that vibrancy, life and energy in TLC.
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On Chilli being intimate with her father, L.A. Reid:
I’m not gonna talk about Chilli sucking my father’s d-ck or most of the d-cks in the industry in the 90’s…That has nothing to do with the fact that she is a lying person, I won’t even call her a whore anymore. She’s claimed that we got it.
On how and why she plans to get physical with Chilli, when she sees her face-to-face:
When I said on Twitter, Chilli I can’t wait to see you what I meant by that was I can’t wait to see you to beat your f-cking face into the concrete.
Watch the entire interview below.

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