Boycott Steve Harvey Petition Launched

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Boycott Steve Harvey Petition Launched

Steve Harvey

Boycott Steve Harvey Petition Launched

A petition has been launched to boycott Steve Harvey. Last week, the comedian and talk show host made headlines for a controversial email/memo that he sent his staff [click here for the backstory.] And now a petition has been launched, asking for the removal of his radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show. The petition says,

TV Host Steve Harvey, is the latest victim of a Trump Tower meeting, and most recent African American celebrity to sell his soul to current president-elect Donald Trump. Harvey’s claim that President Obama urged the meeting with Trump hasn’t been confirmed by The White House, and many like comedian DL Hughley see this as nothing but another celebrity photo-op. Steve Harvey who’s known for crowning the wrong winner, racist jokes aimed at Asian Men, and coonish comedy on his morning show, turned his back on millions of loyal listeners and went from dismissing the racist/sexist Donald Trump to full praise mode.

It adds,

We aim to have The Steve Harvey Morning Show removed and replaced with something all listeners can enjoy from Asian to African American.

Click here for more deets about the petition.

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  • Chef Shareef

    Boycott??!!are u kidding. Please show me wherebSteve HARVET PRAISED TRUMP. He has admitted not was a mistake to meet with Trump. As for the memo. He sent that memo out several months ago. . Why is it just being released now? Don’t get caught up in bashing SH. If u don’t like him don’t listen. Bit a boycott?!!

    • ACTION411

      Steve Harvey will sell his soul for success and financial gain. Steve Harvey did NOT say that it was a mistake to meet with Trump.

      Black people should NOT support people that are part of the system that suppresses their growth.

      I signed the petition and I urge others to do so!


        That’s crazy, do you just walk in your bosses office? People are so disrespectful and jealous!

        • Mordecai Wanye

          These Imbecilies are too dense as to understand that point so you shouldn’t expect much but you and I are in full understanding and wholehearted agreement…

          • ACTION411

            You stated, “These Imbecilies are too dense as to understand that point….”

            Your statement says it all!


          • Guest What

            Did John Podesta, HIllary and Obama support the Black Community? Those Wikileaks emails show Hillary in a conversation with Podesta calling blacks PROFESSIONAL LOSERS, regardless of how many resources you throw at them! Are you pretending that the democratic, racist, corrupt, child molesting, pedophile, satanic spirit cooking neocons who left Blacks worse off than ever is somehow deserving of anything other than being thrown into the same DAMNED BASKET!

          • ACTION411

            You stated, ” Are you pretending that the democratic, racist, corrupt, child molesting, pedophile, satanic spirit cooking neocons who left Blacks worse off than ever is somehow deserving of anything other than being thrown into the same DAMNED BASKET!”

            I’m stating that I’m not going to support an Uncle Tom cooning black man who I know is NOT working on my behalf. Furthermore, Steve Harvey isn’t qualified. May I also add, Ben Carson is NOT qualified.

            I’m not sure why you chose to lament about Democrats. All of the characteristics mentioned does not pertain to a political party. They pertain people in general who have flaws.

        • Gailz

          Thank you for a sensible response to this crabs in a bucket rhetoric.

        • ACTION411

          If you think that the backlash is only about his memo to his staff, you have failed to see the big picture.

          Ben Carson and Steve Harvey are NOT working together to bring housing to needy people. Instead, they are working together to hinder housing for those that are in need.

          Steve Harvey, is dismissing a high percentage of Black employees and have lined up a majority of a white staff members in Los Angeles. The staff in Chicago has made his show successful.

          Trump is NOT a supporter of the Black community. He has assigned people to top positions within his organization who have ties to racists organizations. Steve Harvey has aligned himself with the Trump administration in hopes of furthering his success.

      • Ingrid

        My grandmom say you give them enough rope they will hang themsthemselves, some black people not all are like crabs in the basket with one or two trying to crawl up and out there is one of us trying to pull them back in. I have worked with many foreigners from all different kinds of countries, what I most admire was how they support one another black people I guess it may never happen in my lifetime for us to support one another. it’s sad the concept that was brought up and how they kept it going From Slavery to 2017 was Willie Lynch he was a slave owner and he came up with this plan to divide and conquer and his method was to turn one against the other and it’s sad to say that it still a concept here today when are we going to start learning how to support one another stand up for each other instead of tearing each other down will that day ever come “I pray it will” We as black people are so I pray that we will have more than the other!!!! If I hear “Black Lives Matter,” than turn on the news or the radio l’m going to yell!!!!! When does it matter when someone is taking their lives, but when their killed by their own I guess it does matter. Until the day we all get it right we will always struggle!!!! God bless everyone

        • Gailz

          Amen, tell it! Thank you for such a sensible response to this ignorant writer of this unfounded petition.

        • ACTION411

          You stated, “…some black people not all are like crabs in the basket..”

          I guess your grandmother forgot to tell you that you should NOT support a person if that person is NOT working in your best interest. The “crabs in the bucket” concept only applies to members of our society/race who are working in our best interest.

          Why would anyone support a “crab” that is positioning itself to hurt the crabs at the bottom of the basket?

      • DKBNYC

        You know, it’s people like you who got the idiot Trump elected in the first place. People who said Hillary was just as bad as Trump so decided not to vote. You deserve no voice. You petition means nothing.

        • Gailz

          Thank you for a sensible response to this crabs in a bucket rhetoric.

        • ACTION411

          Your lackluster statement does not say anything of substance. If you truly believe the reason why people voted for Trump had anything to do with my ideologies, you should re-think who the idiot really is. Start by re-evaluating your beliefs.

      • Gailz

        All your rhetoric is alternative facts. YOU and postings like this are exactly the type of haters “Black people should NOT support [because you are the] people that are part of the system that suppresses our growth.”

        • ACTION411

          The truth is, it’s people like you who are unable to assimilate information properly before drawing a conclusion.

          Supporting a Black person who does NOT support you, is absolutely ridiculous. Supporting a Black person who hurts the Black community is absurd.

          • T Mack

            So then what are you expecting to gain from this petition? Seems like you’re doing the same exact thing you are accusing Mr Harvey of doing by drawing a conclusion.

          • ACTION411

            You stated, “So then what are you expecting to gain from this petition?”

            I will do you one better and tell you what I’ve directly gained. I’ve gained a louder voice. I don’t support cooning under the guise of “helping Black people”. Steve Harvey is working with Ben Carson; neither of the coons are working on the behalf of Black people.

            What do you gain by being idle?

            You stated, “Seems like you’re doing the same exact thing you are accusing Mr Harvey of doing by drawing a conclusion.”

            Well, your assumption would be wrong.

      • Guest What

        You need to open your eyes and remove the stopper from your brain flow! SERIOUSLY! Do you understand what just left the WHITEHOUSE!!! RACISM!!! Have you not studied MLK Jr’s letter from Jail? Have you not studied Malcolm X in regard to racists Whites who pretend to be your friend and the coons who protect them? Do you know the history of Eric Holder and how he is the PROTOTYPE for a Jeff KKK Sessions! You need to be boycotting the democratic party to get rid of these RACISTS SOB’S who do not represent your best interest and actually work against you in favor of their own best interest. Obama just picked up a 400K wallstreet reward for corruption. HILLARY and BILL are the people who colluded with RUSSIA and gave them 20% of US Uranium in trade for Bill’s Kremlin speech -half a million payoff to include donations to the Clinton Foundation. It was John Podesta’s emails that proved PEDOPHILIA!!! RACISM against BLACKS, LATINO’s and MUSLIMS! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW! Why was Hillary’s top man uberring in small children to get into the hot tub/ heated pool in the middle of the MF night for adult entertainment? THEY MURDERED SETH RICH, the LEAK who gave WIKILEAKS the proof they are all CORRUPT, on the take and he was KILLED for it! Wikileaks did not get info from Russia! What a lie! You clueless boobs get on my MF nerve! Instead of constantly disparaging and focusing on the current administration, WE NEED TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO CLEAN HOUSE at the CORRUPT CHILD MOLESTING, DEVIL WORSHIPPING- SPIRIT COOKING, DEMONIC DNC! You point your finger at Trump Tower while you are protecting a swamp full of racists, hateful, globalist, pedophile, satanic SNAKES! That’s what you SHOULD be boycotting! GET YOUR PARTY IN SHAPE FOR 2020 instead of chasing after Steve Harvey! THE MEDIA ARE A BUNCH OF LYING SCUM! They are owned by a very small number of Jewish men who HATE BLACKS!!!! Can’t you tell???? Why won’t you boycott the racists MEDIA?

    • Monique Entitled Brown

      Amen. #LackofKnowledge

  • tito

    Oh go fuck yourself

  • Tracie Murrell

    Black folk knocking other Black folk…smh!

    • Guest What

      If these clowns were going to knock anybody they should have began with Obama! However, they actually worship him for ignoring Blacks and leaving the worse off than ever… SMH. If you need me to explain further, please state so. #corrupt-racist-pedophile-spriit-cooking-johnPodesta #wallstreet#warmongering#fakePrisonReform-POS!

  • derrickct1

    SOme folks seen just bitter and butt hurt!
    IF THis boycott is successful then I’m a 230 millionaire lb for the Chiefs

  • ruth berry

    Right, don’t listen!

  • Ridingfinest

    Boycott??? Are you people for real?? Did I agree with his meeting with Trump no I didn’t but it was his choice in which he’s entitled to. Whether you’re black, white, yellow or green you are free to support whomever you want its not a crime. As for this letter being released you need to question the motive of the people who released. That letter was sent last year before the final season was to start which started Sept 2016. These people are bitter…move on everyday people lose their job. They are always trying to tear one of our own down.

    • inside person

      No ones trying to tear him down. Hes just not for the African-American people

    • Guest What

      Why would you boycott meeting with the President of the US? Are you stupid? MEXICANS/ HISPANIC CAUCUS MET WITH THE PRESIDENT so they can further their interest! Obama and Hillary have you brain damaged!!! They were NOT working for you either and left Blacks in a worse position…permanent second class…third world citizens living in the richest country in the world! WAKE UP! DID MARTIN LUTHER KING JR MEET WITH LYNDON B. KKK JOHNSON? HELL YES! All you are doing is making it easier for him to DO DIRT and ignore you just like OBAMA did!

  • Terri Moore

    Who writes this shit! TJB, please do something else with your time! this man has done so much for the black community… how about we boycott your ignorant blogs from now on. why do black folks always want to pull each other down?? such a waste of time.

  • Just a Brotha From Da Hood

    I agree & it’s about time his true self is coming out. I have never liked him from things I knew about him years ago. Never understood why people would listen to a 3 time loser on marriage who marries the mistress on how to have a successful marriage. AND to all of you saying we are knocking a Black man, cut that shit out. He doesn’t represent our race. He represents himself!!!!!!!!

    • ACTION411

      That’s a very true bold statement!

  • Gailz

    This writer of this unfounded petition sounds like the biggest BENEDICT ARNOLD of the black community. The only petition I’m signing of such a stupid and misguided person like you is a petition to keep your butt off the internet with such rhetoric. You absolutely have nothing but ignorant “alternative facts” to be posting anything. You apparently know nothing, I mean nothing, about Steve Harvey. As a single black woman my sons have been beneficiaries of his excellent work in the community, a few times. What the hell have YOU done for our community but teae us down with jealous initiatives like this? Why don’t you go be the boss somewhere, make millions and show him how to do it correctly? You can’t, because you are a hater of other black people making it- your ass is dead broke because only a dead ass broke hater would write something this evil. This type of stupid petition tears down the black community 1000X more than Steve Harvey ever did by meeting with Trump. I hope your petition gets only 2 signatures:
    1. You
    2. Your psychopathic alter-ego

    • inside person

      It will definitely get MORE than two. Trust that. Im will be signing it. He has to go. Too RUDE or shall i say jackass

  • Lucky Gee

    Boycott for an email he sent to his staff in August 2016 that a disgruntled staff person leaked almost a year later??? Smh

  • Kimberly SoBlessed Mines-Addai

    Boycott That’s just too far.This is just another plan to bring a successful black man down.They will use.his own ppl to bring him down all.apart.of that Willie.lynch theory.Y’all are a bunch of pons being used. Steve Harvey has done more.for.Our community then any of you signing the petition.

    • SachelsofGold

      *pawns* smh

  • Dona O

    Another case of blackballing in progress. Sick of your jealousy and I pray it never prevails. Because no one is giving you all those opportunities and your hearing his name too much, your on fire and finding every way to stop it. That’s why this country is in the mess we’re in now with this orange potus. Stop hating and congratulate. He is a comedian turned entrepreneur turned radio host turned talk show host turned pageant host who was already a black man who stayed in his own community, a blessed and continues to bless others with what he has. If you don’t like his form of business, don’t apply to his P.O.B. You sick of seeing him and hearing about his achievements, change the channel.

  • Imageconsult

    Can’t stand Steve Harvey! He’s arrogant, self-absorbed and could care less about any of you on here defending him. He’s horrible! Always has been and always will be.

  • Monique Entitled Brown

    #Never, this is a DISTRACTION because another radio personality ratings are low and he dislikes Steve Harvey. I enjoy his morning show and will continue to listen. #HatersJustKeepOnHating

  • Ramona Nelson

    Where is the petition, I will sign it!

  • Tori T

    Instead of signing a petition for this ridiculousness the reading the Articles of Impeachment and research the real issues of this country that your ancestors built and died fighting for so that you can have the right to vote and for freedom of speech or to even be considered a full person and not a third…what a waste of brain power

  • Debra Jackson Herrington

    That’s the good thing about America, if you want to like and respect SH Uncle Tom as you can and if I don’t and want to sign the Petition, which I will I can, if more people voted we would not be in a different frame of mind At the end of the day if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything

  • Judas Rael

    Look at all these dumbasses supporting steve, these are the same morons who still believe america can still be one happy family and believe “Black people” are actually considered human beings in this country.

    I’m black yall call us crabs in a bucket but i ain’t in the bucket i’m looking at you all fantasize yourselves as being crabs while i’m in my fucking house getting EDUCATED on the REAL DEAL of this evil world.

    You people will die for your lack of KNOWLEDGE. This Petition is from someone who’s awake (perhaps) and doesn’t LIKE SELL OUTS. Granted i stand for my people but this UNITY thing will NEVER happen when we have stupid people who won’t even hear out another when they’re trying to warn them of something because they “FEEL” its not logical or ethical.

    • inside person

      Judas rael, well said. I know many people that would sign it. He’s a sell out. Yes get rid of him

  • Who cares about who Steve Harvey meet with so what! I want to have a sit down with Donald Trump and don’t give a dam who like it or not, For all who have a problem with Steve Harvey meeting with this man, Please get the hell back in your own lane, Stay the hell out of other peoples lanes. DAM.. For real! Go find a family to feed, some were somebody need a pair of shoes, Or they rent paid, Get a life……

    • But know this if Steven Harvey! The way he talks about God and how much he loves God, if he’s doing anything wrong to the people and not helping people his ass is grass and God will be the lawn mower, Know that! Boycott be for real!

  • Kathy Bringemann

    Who listens to Lipps, Incorporated anyway? I boycott the Steve Harvey Morning Show by not tuning in. #teamAngelaYee&CharlemaynethaGod