Teairra Mari Admits: My Fake Booty Leaked While Filming Love & Hip Hop

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Teairra Mari Admits: My Fake Booty Leaked While Filming Love & Hip Hop

Teairra Mari Admits Fake Booty Leaked While Filming

It’s no secret, some of your favorite reality stars have enhanced bodies. And Teairra Mari isn’t fooling her fans, acknowledging that her body and butt isn’t 100% homegrown. During a recent VH1 special, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star admits that her booty actually leaked while they were filming. Teairra Mari, who had a Brazillian butt lift, says:

Yeah my butt might’ve been leaking but it was leaking fat. It wasn’t leaking no fake, prosthetic s***. But I still got a nice a** and you better know it.

Trevia Williams, a co-executive producer on the show, says that leakage on set is actually pretty common.

I had a couple cast members who were pumping up their hinder parts with whatever they were putting in them. They would come to set and there would be leakage on the couches, back of their dresses.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays on VH1.

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  • Betty

    What the hec? Why would people be ok with doing this? That is not safe or right at all

    • JB

      It’s actually pretty awesome and perfectly safe if performed properly, and if you do the after surgery care properly. The only reason she “leaked” is because she probably busted some of her stitches because she’s likely getting back to work way too early. You’re not even supposed to apply any pressure or sit on your butt after this type of surgery for at least two to three months, Especially not while the incisions are still healing. My lady got this as a part of her mommy makeover that she asked for for her birthday and I’ve seen what is involved and In my opinion the fat transfer procedure is pretty awesome! Our results from it turned out fantastic And I don’t regret it one bit! Problems only occur if the surgery or the Aftercare isn’t conducted properly. Since the surgery she has lost the weight she gained for it and now my girl looks even more perfect, and she feels a lot better and more confident for it. It’s perfectly understandable if a lot of people don’t wish to go through all of this to look the way they want to look, but I don’t think that it’s okay to knock the people who do.

  • Renee

    But you don’t have a nice a$$ . . . . it’s not even yours!!!

  • Tyrone Black

    I could never be gay but you women can make me celibate with the crazy stuff to look a special way is crazy and not mentally stable.

    • JB

      I honestly don’t get you people who see something wrong with someone moving their own fat around to a more desirable area! It has Her Own junk in her own trunk, and I think it’s hot as hell (because her doctor did it Properly)!! I bought the same thing for my own girl And I love it!!! If you don’t like big butts that’s fine, but I don’t think that makes it okay for people to demonize the procedure or condemn people who have the means and desire to obtain it if they can. I think a lot of these men out here who keep pretending to not like it are simply doing so to make their own bony and insecure girlfriends feel better.. I’m an avid supporter of Bountiful breasts and Boundless booties and I make no apologies for it!
      I think girls like Tierra Marie are hot as hell with their new renovations done the way that she has it done And people need to stop trying to shame them for it!

  • iree muffins

    Why can’t these women just except what you were born with

  • JB

    As far as I’m concerned, if it’s not silicone, It’s real to me And I love it! I know from experience that it feels great great great when it’s their real fat and you absolutely cannot tell the difference between natural vs. Enhanced during sex when it’s just fat and not something synthetic aside from the fact that it looks much better and feels Great! I think it’s hot when done properly and it’s the way a woman should be shaped in my opinion when done Properly (with their Own Real Fat cells). I love it, and I think anyone who talks so vehemently against it is just a part of this craze of jealous people who can’t afford it for themselves or their wives or significant others and so they jump on the bandwagon of condemning it because they feel like everyone else should cater to their own low self-esteem and financial inadequacy. I believe people can look amazing without it, but from my perspective as a man who loves big butts and shapely women, as pretty as you are without it, you look even hotter with it, but Only if it’s done Properly with real Fat and not synthetic additives or implants.