Tyrese Buys Mother House: She’s Been Sober For 11 Years! [VIDEO]

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Tyrese Buys Mother House: She's Been Sober For 11 Years! [VIDEO]

Tyrese Buys Mother House

Tyrese Gibson is gunning for ‘Son of the Year’. The ‘Fast & Furious‘ actor has bought his mother a new home, in honor of her being sober for 11 years. Tyrese is surprising his mother with a 5 bedroom, 3 garage home and documenting it on social media. He says,

If there’s an award in heaven for forgiveness, having compassion towards those who have broke your heart and let you down over and over and over again…… I hope God doesn’t skip over me….. My mother is gonna pull up in 1 hour my heart is beating out of my chest she was an alcoholic for 27 years substance abuse KILLED my childhood I couldn’t wait to grow up and move out been living on my own since I was 17……. Today Oct 11th marks 11 years of my mothers sobriety she just got her 11th year chip…….. And this is how I decided to celebrate her and the victories God’s favor that he has extended over her life……….

See the clip.

He also posted a second Instagram video and message. Check it out below.


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  • mojay1956

    Now do something for yourself and get counseling…..you’re still carrying 27 years of baggage. Your turn to get it together, your life is spiraling out of control bro.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    He is the result of a non nurturing mother. Single moms who are addicts neglect their kids. Their daughters usually try to find love in the wrong places and their sons end up hating women. No wonder he has contempt and says dumb ish about us he resents his momma for loving drugs more than him growing up….

    • GoGetIt

      It is plenty of people that have had to work out some of the same issues and do not act like him.

      • SingleGalCrazyWorld

        Not alot in this world when it comes to brothas. The main one acting immature and callous towards women are the same ones whose mommas were too busy smoking that pipe to pay attention to them….

  • Girlfriend

    So he just wants to make sure we all know that he is financially stable–for now.


      BINGOOOOO!!!!!!!………..JENNY JONES!!!!

  • Ex Hooper

    Why have footage of this so-called “giving back moment” . Come on bro…..all the dramatics are unnecessary. You doin the most (in a Ginuwine type of way, not genuine ). LOL , WE SEE THROUGH YOU!!!!!!!

  • OfficialDime

    Wait….So you was faking, lying when you was on the Oprah Mother’s Day special in 2011? Because You mentioned NONE of this.? You made her look like she was the hardworking, three job having, bad kids displinary single mom. You said you was great because of her. And now you say she was a stomp down alcoholic for most of your life? So she’s been sober 11 years now so what is this a upgrade gift? Or a deflection because you got scalped hating on Dwayne??????