Wendy Williams To Ashanti: Nobody Cares About Your Music [VIDEO]

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Wendy Williams To Ashanti: Nobody Cares About Your Music [VIDEO]

Ashanti, Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams To Ashanti: Nobody Cares About Your Music

Wendy Williams had some tough criticism for Ashanti. On Friday (December 1st), the talk show host weighed in on the singer having a light-weight disagreement with Joe Budden. Ashanti appeared on Budden’s Everyday Struggle and she explained why she was upset when some fans threw money on stage during one of her show’s. Budden however disagreed, saying that she was dressed like a stripper. See the clip.

Wendy gave her opinion on the matter, implying that Ashanti’s music wasn’t relevant. Wendy stated,

40 something at this point. Nobody cares about her music, 37, same difference. You are – and I didn’t call you a stripper – I call you an exotic dancer. And I agree with what Joe was saying, Ashanti just take it for what it is. Nobody’s buying your music. Nobody cares about your music. You’ve got a beautiful body, and you’re using it to make your bones. And that is a fact, jack.

See the clip.

Ashanti has yet to respond.

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  • Sharon Shay Williams

    Well she is telling a bit truth i dont see any music just how amazing her body has gotten is all we see now

  • N’Deye Delgado

    I don’t agree with Wendy on this one, Ashanti was a force when she came out as first lady of murder inc and she will always have loyal fans who remember that debut, and she followed it up with hits like “Rain on Me” and “Only You” come on now! Wendy is 1000% hating on this woman for no good reason just because Ashanti isn’t shaped like a capital P doesn’t mean she’s a “stripper” while performing on stage at her own show!!!

  • oshh16

    Wendy told no lies.

  • Coco Mcluvin

    I will always play her earlier music but her new stuff just don’t hit the same.

  • Joan

    Wendy is a HATER! Compare the two…Wendy had surgery to get the breast and tiny waist. Ashanti went to the gym and the rest is what she was God given! Wendy always trying to put women down. In the meantime, with all the surgery she has had, her husband still cheating on her! BYE FELICIA!

    • Coco Mcluvin

      You are comparing their bodies, not their careers…

  • Trace da Ace

    Well, cant argue facts…. I mean Wendy does have a point….the music part for Ashanti is over and done with….she had her moment and it has long past, along with all the other artists and music on “Murder Inc.” which I have ALWAYS thought was a stupid wanksta name for a music company, but anyways….yeah she has a nice body…but I have always thought her singing skills was a 6 out of 10 #nohate….I mean you men lie, women lie…but the numbers don’t. (in my Jay Z voice).

    • Djphoenix

      There are a number of marginal artists out here working, many of them men, but no one says anything about that. Wendy is wrong in saying that the girl looked like a stripper, when her outfit looks no different than many female performer’s clothing today. The fact that people are not checking for her music today, has nothing to do with the fact that she was at a gig working. People brought tickets to be there, and they need to show some respect. That is how it works. Wendy never addressed that though. Let someone come to one of her comedy gigs acting like damn fools. She wouldn’t have it. Why not give another professional woman the same damn respect? I didn’t hear her talking about Joe’s washed up old ass and career.

  • PlayGirl

    Musically, Ashanti is a miss now. I think she is a beautiful woman with a great body, she should explore modeling or something. She needs to reinvent herself & singing isn’t it. Ciara had to re-invent herself & models now. Although, she is STILL trying the music thing, UGH. It’s not hate if speaking facts. Ashanti hasn’t had a hit in years. The best to her though.

  • Kenneth Kenny Burton

    Why be so negative to another Sista??? Wendy is a talk show host BULLY! #SatYoAssDownSomewhereAndShutUp #Dude

  • Djphoenix

    Why the hell is he commenting on Ashanti? First, he is not her father nor her man. Second, who gives a damn about what he is saying? Also, isn’t his wife a stripper? This was just wrong and disrespectful. The woman is doing her best to make a living. If this was Bey on stage in the same outfit as she wears them too, they would not do this because she is a bigger star and more powerful. I am so sorry this happened to Ashanti. Damn. It’s just wrong.

  • MsNette

    While I never really considered myself a fan, Ashanti’s Braveheart album was/ is dope. I listen to it often. Yes Ashanti is also beautiful and has a banging bod so why not use it to her advantage like every other “not Ashanti” does?

  • Kozy Kay

    wendy need to worry about the thirty something year old sleeping with her husband..

  • jmillstein

    Ashanti is old school and hasn’t kept up with the classic forerunners like Bey, Riri, and newer R & B singers. She had a few hits 20 yrs ago and tried Broadway but that’s about it. All her “comeback” performances have been mediocre with her wearing tiny outfits and sad choreography. It’s time to reinvent..