T.I. Cursed Out Tamar Braxton Over Khia Controversy

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T.I. Cursed Out Tamar Braxton Over Khia Controversy

T.I. Cursed Out Tamar Braxton For Inviting Khia & TS Madison To Xscape Show

Both Khia and TS Madison are shedding new details as to why they were almost kicked out of the Xscape concert recently. As previously reported, the duo (who have an online show called, The Queens Court) says that they were invited to the show by Tamar Braxton, who had asked Khia to perform her hit ‘My Neck, My Back’. Both took to social media after the incident.

T.I. Cursed Out Tamar Braxton Over Khia Controversy

Xscape Tries To Remove Khia & TS Madison From Concert

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Khia and TS Madison are clarifying what happened backstage and allege that T.I. was one of the major reasons they were not allowed on stage with Tamar. In fact, they claim that T.I. went into Tamar’s dressing room and cursed her out over the situation. Khia says,

Tiny the best thing you could ever did was divorce T.I. cause he ain’t nothing but a b*tch a** n*gga. I was staring him down and he didn’t turn his head or neck and address us.

She continues,

He walked by two real b*tches, went into Tamar’s dressing room and roasted her, her mother and her grandmother. Tip, how you gonna go in there and cuss out Tamar, her mother, grandmother and her sisters? Tip why didn’t you say anything to us? […] Him and Mona Scott (Young) ain’t look our way? T.I. wanted us thrown out, Tiny wanted us thrown out, they lied and said we had weapons.

To date, Xscape, nor Tamar have commented about the controversy.

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  • Coco Mcluvin

    They so desperate. The shows over…move on to something else. I doubt TI has any problem addressing ya’ll if need be, however Tamar shouldn’t have invited ya’ll so he went to her.

  • Pookie Punch

    Glad the truth finally came out since everybody had their own opinion about what happened ?

  • ShelbyMoore

    Duppy know who fi frighten…cause I know TI wouldn’t have stepped to a real bitch like Khia like that, nor, Ts big manly ass. TI is a bitch. Point blank….Tamara should have been his little ass.

  • MChantye

    That is ridiculous, Tamar is more relevant than xscape, TI, aint nobody checkin for Tiny, or goat voiced kandi

  • Cyn

    This is ALL stupid. the show is over…find something to do ladies…I mean men…Just messy! Now you’re resorting to name calling. Get a JOB…find a Hobby…something…XCAPE is fine without having Tamar on the road with them. I am strictly old school. I would NOT run and see an XCAPE show because Tamar was performing…I can take her or leave her. Tamar has a FEW hit songs…she is NOT XCAPE…at ALL!!! Plus…she’s messy too. Everywhere she goes mess follows her…