Lee Daniels Says Gay Superhero Film Is On The Way

Written by Andre Palmer in Blog

Lee Daniels Announces Gay Superhero Film Is On The Way

The gay superhero with bright pink knee-length heels who went viral on social media has been in contact with Lee Daniels. The gentlemen shared a video on Tuesday (Jan. 15), where Daniels announced he has plans to create a gay superhero film. They both announced the news via Instagram,

….10 years ago folks thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to make a gay superhero flick…. it’s not my next one… but it’s in the pipeline #gaysuperhero

The Superhero who goes by the name of Super B*tch, shared the same video on Instagram writing,

Dreams really do come true!! I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only @theoriginalbigdaddy. You’re an amazing man filled with great ideas. I can wait to work with you!.