Bernie Sanders Walks Away When Asked About Reparations For Black People

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Walks Away When Asked About Reparations For Black People

Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders had an awkward encounter recently with potential voters during a CNN Town Hall on Tuesday. As you know, the 77-year-old politician recently announced that for a second time, as previously reported, his plans to run for the next Presidential office for 2020.

Bernie Sanders

This week, footage surfaced of the Senator being questioned about reparations. In the clip, an African American woman asks him

“We really want to talk about, what are we going to do about reparations?”

Bernie looks confused and quickly addressing the young lady before he walked away, seemly dodging the question.

The Senator answered,

“We just spoke about that.”

Another woman in the background can be heard saying,

“You don’t want to talk about this?”

See the clip below:

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During the Town Hall, the Senator first addressed a question on his position of reparations for Africa-American.

Here is his response,

“What does that mean?”

He continued,

“What do they mean? I’m not sure that anyone is very clear. What I’ve just said is that I think we need to do everything we can to address the massive level of disparity that exists in this country.”

Watch the clip from the Town Hall here:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette