Ear Hustlin’…Bishop Eddie Long & Spandex Allegedly "Stepping Down"

Apparently, Jesus took the wheel and wasn’t feeling Pastor Eddie Long’s spandex ensembles, or maybe it was the 4th lawsuit that did it, but we’re hearing that after Sunday, he’s stepping down from his position as Bishop.

Yesterday, a 4th lawsuit alleged that Long coerced a 17-year-old into a sexual relationship during a 2005 trip the two took to Africa.

Long made a conference call Friday to pastors and supporters around the country and said, “We will arise through this situation, and go forward, and we are moving forward.” A CNN affiliate WGCL-TV monitored the call (which is how we got the bite…).

And if this isn’t enough, we’re hearing that  Long is going to step down as pastor after his sermon is delivered on Sunday.

Late last night, we checked out the pastor’s popular twitter page…

Long was tweeting about friendship. Late Saturday night he tweeted, “Please know that the power of friendship is not in the desire to have a friend but in the commitment to be a friend.”

(…in real life, I kid about his shirt that snaps at the crotch and whatnot, but honestly that’s the only thing that’s actually funny here…the church–black and white–has enough of a negative conception, this is the last thing that it needs….now, i can’t not WAIT to see what he wears tomorrow!!!!)