Is Kat Stacks Becoming a Diva? + Club Tries to Stiff Her

It appears as if Kat Stacks, who became famous by exposing rappers, has become a bit of a diva. Public enemy number one now requires direct flights (IDK about first class) when promoters book her.

Kat Stacks

“I hate when fucking promoters be cheap & don’t get a fucking direct flight. The next promoter that gets me a flight with a stop Ima bash them on Twitter.” (..I don’t blame her. Hell, I don’t do connecting flights and I’m not screwing Soulja Boy either!)

Not only does she require direct flights, her drivers better be on time too! “If you know the fucking time my plane arriving why the fuck are you late? Im such a brat, let me stop.”

After the skip, a club tried to stiff Stacks at a club last night too.

Apparently Club Rain (IDK where the hell that is) booked Stacks, but didn’t pay her 1/2 up front like they had agreed to. Money got funny and Stacks backed out.

“Im about my bread, no funny business..I didnt attend club Rain tonight, they didnt pay me half of the money upfront. Buf i did take pics in the parking lot with fans…No money, No Kat. I was still nice & took pictures wifh fans at the parking lot regardless of the situation.”

Say what you will, but baby-boo brands herself.