[WATCH] Lil Mo Does 1st Interview With New Boyfriend: ‘I’m like the hood Kim Kardashian. I’ll get married 10 times!’

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The R&B Divas LA streets are talking and inquiring minds want to know, who is singer Lil Mo’s new mystery man? As previously reported, Lil Mo and husband Phillip Bryant are no longer together. The couple have not confirmed whether or not they’re divorced but it’s safe to say, no reconciliation seems to be in the works. Lil Mo is now dating professional Philadelphia boxer, Dynamite (real name Carl Dargen). And the two seemed to be hot and heavy. Tuesday (March 18), the couple made their first appearance together on Philly’s Morning Show with Shamara and Laiya.

So what did we learn? The quick and dirty is Lil Mo and Dynamite are headed to the alter in hopes of having a blended family. Dynamite, who is 29, has three children, while Lil Mo has four. Mo doesn’t speak on what broke her and her Phillip up, but our guess is all will be revealed on season two of the TV One Show. Check out a few excerpts from the interview.

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On what personality she uses to ‘clap back’ on Instagram critics: 
See, one thing I realized is that, I’m not one that always sucombs to the opinions of others. I don’t care about what people think about me–because I know what God…no, but the whole fact of that matter is people be saying stuff and they think I’m not gonna say nothing back. And I don’t take it personal, this is just business but you not ‘gon come on my page talkin’ crazy. People just say whatever they want and I’m like the chances of them saying it in my face is like zero to zero. But people say stuff for a rise out of me….Like some body said something the other day that said something ‘Oh, he ugly.’ I said, ‘But b*tch you looking!’ Like why are you looking? The nice me, I buried her. Cuz I realized, I said me being nice and all spooky and all, ‘Oh my god I just want everybody to win and survive’, man, I got four kids and ish got real.
On people being surprised that she’s no longer with her husband:
They don’t know that the image that I put out there. I’ll maintain it until the season is over. Even if I, Imma tell you this, I admit because we got season two coming up, and baby it goes. I can’t wait. I don’t know the exact release date but I know this summer because ATL comes first….I just know that there was a certain image that I wanted to maintain and that’s the face of family because I believe in that.
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On plans for marriage: 
I’m like the hood Kim Kardashian, but the ratchet Elizabeth Taylor. I’ll get married 10 times. I’ll always believe in love. I don’t believe in–I’m just not gonna be his girl. Like, we’re going to get married. It’s not a game.
In their life, no one is going to be single all their whole life. Not saying that you know–a marriage is already planned. It’s gonna happen.
Watch the full interview below.

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