Shaunie O’Neal’s Boyfriend Now Involved in Shaq Sex Tape Drama

Details surrounding the 2008 case involving Shaquille O’Neal, an alleged sex tape and kidnapping continue. A man named Robert Ross claimed that he was beaten, robbed and kidnapped due to a “business deal” he’d been in with basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. Ross lied to Shaq, telling him that he owned a sex tape of the player, and that he would release it unless paid the amount of money that he feels Shaq owes him from the “business deal” they had. As the trial continues, more interesting statements and/or facts continue to be unveiled. The most recent is the revelation that Ross sent a FaceBook message to Shaunie O’Neal’s boyfriend, Marlon Yates. (Shaunie is the ex-wife of Shaq.) The message said that Shaunie needed to “break bread and pay up.” Wow. Get the full details here