Jay Electronica Denies Banging Jean Grae, “I’ve never had sex with Jean.”

Early Sunday morning, rapper (and also baby daddy to Erykah Badu) Jay Electronica (JE) clarified his relationship with rapper Jean Grea.This all stems from some twitter jokes, gone viral. Saturday morning, JE tweeted some comments inferring that he had sex with Jean Grea. He has since deleted the tweets, but Sohh.com caught them. He tweeted…

“@JeanGreasy when we having sex again? don’t front on twitter either…[email protected] FYI: Jean LOOOOVES backshots. True story.” (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

After Jean caught wind of his tweets, she responded

@JayElectronica seriously yo? Come on b. Oh @JayElectronica sir… Sir… Sit down, sir. @JayElectronica Wow. I really hope your page got hacked. Otherwise, I’m right hooking on you. Not cool, or funny.

Early Sunday, JE apologized and explained that the tweets were just jokes.

I’m tryna figure out if this was actually funny or not.