The Ultimate Hustler :: Kim Kardashian Not Paying A Penny for Her Wedding

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kim Kardashian’s extravagant wedding to Kris Humphries won’t cost her One Red Cent. Saturday evening, Kim’s wedding will take place at the Montecito estate in California. The wedding, which will have 500 guests, is supposed to be worth a clean $10 million. What’s dope about this whole thing is that she’s hustled a ton of free sh*t, thanks to her step-father, Bruce Jenner, as well as her own Kardashian hustle skills. Here’s what we’ve learned she’s got thus far:

$1.5 million magazine deal for exclusive rights to her wedding photos.
Vendors are either discounting or giving their products/services for free for the exposure that they’ll gain
freebies from the Lehr & Black wedding invitations ( they would have cost $10,000)
a $6,000 cake from Hansen’s Cakes
three Vera Wang wedding gowns from her to choose from
A discount on her $2 million Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring that her fiance copped for her
And some more misc. shit that I’m sure hasn’t been shared yet. Her wedding will air 9 and 10 October on E!. Peep more wedding dets, here.