Teyana Taylor on Fight With Director, “I could’ve died right there on the set….”

Teyana Taylor got into an altercation with Jean-Claude La Marre, director of her upcoming film, Gang of Roses 2.  Taylor exclusively told GlobalGrind about the incident that turned physical on the set. Taylor and Marre were filming on set last week in LA when Taylor began to complain of an abscessed tooth that became too much to bare as the day went on.  She asked Marre to send her home but he ignored her request.  Taylor explained:

“I could’ve died right there on set and he wouldn’t have even cared. That’s the point: because he was more worried about himself. It was about him wanting to get his movie done so it was like, forget her tooth, her face is swollen but I want her to film more parts and I really don’t care if her face is swollen.”

After an aggressive confrontation, (allegedly) Marre said to Taylor “Don’t f*cking scream at me b*tch,” and then smacked her face.

Taylor claims that her retaliation with Marre was a matter of self-defense.  Marre claims he was defending himself after Taylor jumped on him and started swinging, though he said he never hit her. Yikes.