Is Love & Hip-Hop Taking Its Talents to Atlanta?

Diamond & Rasheeda

Rumor has it that reality show “Love & Hip-Hop” may be expanding and taking it’s talents to Atlanta. The show, which currently features cast members from New York, has done some impressive numbers. And last month, when we interviewed Mona Scott Young, she did confirm that expansion was in the future. She told us:

“We’ve been looking at other cities. And I would love to see some of my cast members expand and branch off. Jim and Chrissy are amazing.  I think that their relationship speaks to so many young couples out there that come from this Hip Hop generation, that are finding a new way to be a family; making a new definition of what family is. And I think that a lot of people can relate to their family dynamic. So I’d love to see a spin-off for those two. I also am looking at other cities. I’m looking at other ladies… I also have other shows that I am developing that aren’t in this genre.”

And although she never referenced which city would be next, Sister 2 Sister magazine reports that Atlanta MAY be the show’s next destination. And exactly WHO would be some of the cast members? Rumor has it that rappers Diamond (formerly of Crime Mobb) and Rasheeda, both Atlanta natives may be potentials. Peep the full story here.