Nicole Scherzinger Recounts Being Held At Gunpoint + Peep Her ‘Pretty’ Performance


Thursday evening, Nicole Scherzinger performed her new song, “Pretty” on  X-Factor Live. What do we think about her performance?

[dailymotion width=”590″ height=”415″][/dailymotion]

And in less entertaining news, Nicole recently recounted a story about her being held at gunpoint in Mexico, during a photo shoot. The Sun reported that while heading to shoot a video in the Xilitla rainforest, Nicole and her vehicle had a very scary situation. During the trip, Nicole’s vehicle was surrounded by some dudes with machine guns. Nicole’s friend explained,

“Nicole and everyone in the car were terrified. There was lots of screaming and shouting. They thought their time might be up.”

Eventually, the local police showed up and calmed the situation down. Yikes!