Floyd Mayweather Complains of Jail Conditions, Stint May Damage His Physique

Although Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has done less than two weeks at this point, he’s already began to complain about it’s harmful affects. What’s the big deal? As you know, he’s been sentenced to three months (for domestic violence against his child’s mother), but according to doctors, being jailed could be highly detrimental to his career. In new legal documents, we’ve learned that he reportedly has to spend 23 hours of the day in isolation for his own safety and he is unable to train. In addition to not being able to train, his jail diet is harmful to keeping up with his boxer training regiment. A doctor notes that his jail stint could provide

“irreversible damage to Mr. Mayweather’s physique.”

They have requested house arrest instead. What do we think of Floyd’s request?