[Photo & Footage] Did LHHA’s Joseline Hernandez Get Attacked At Atlanta Club?

According to Freddy-O (and a bunch of unconfirmed twitter chatter) on the evening after episode 3 aired of VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”, one of the controversial cast mates, Joseline Hernandez got into an altercation inside of an Atlanta club. At this point, the details are sketchy, but we hear that she got into a fight with another club-goer, when the two got into a heated exchange, before it became physical. According to an ‘inside source’ that saw the incident, here’s what happened:

Joseline was inside the club, everything was going well and she was approached by some girls that said they were some fans…One of the girls asked her about her ‘getting rid of the baby’…Joseline brushed the girl off and the girl ‘knocked her the eff out’….then Stevie J, came, rushed and put her in the car and they drove off…

Sounds unbelievable, but apparently there are photos and footage of the after-math. Here’s alleged footage of the aftermath:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/mwC51nlvPrk[/youtube]

Stay tuned. UPDATED: A day after the alleged scuffle Joseline nor or camp have confirmed or denied that she was involved in an altercation. Tuesday afternoon, she hopped on twitter promoting her upcoming hosting gig in Miami:

Looks like we were wrong or she doesn’t want to address what really did or did not happen.