Rodney King’s Fiance, Cynthia Kelley, Not Invited to Funeral

As you know, on Father’s Day, 47-year-old Rodney King died at his California home. According to reports, he drowned in his home’s swimming pool and was discovered by his fiance, Cynthia Kelley. Fast forward to the present day, and the family has made funeral arrangements, to bury Rodney next Saturday in Hollywood. But there’s one thing a bit odd about the arrangements. To date, Rodney’s fiance, Cynthia, has not been invited. According to sources, Cynthia hasn’t spoken to the family since Rodney’s death and they haven’t spoken to her either. So why has she not been invited yet (or at all of that matter)? Pure speculation, but the family is skeptical about how Rodney died and think that Cynthia is telling the entire truth. Not to mention they say that Rodney was always a great swimmer. Meanwhile, an official cause of death has not been released yet. And no official statement from Cynthia’s camp has been released.  [TMZ]