Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Clothing Brand Deny Rumors They Failed To Pay Factory Workers In Bangladesh Due To Pandemic

Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Clothing Brand Deny Rumors They Failed To Pay Factory Workers In Bangladesh Due To Pandemic

Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s clothing brand, Kendall + Kylie, is now responding to rumors that the brand has failed to pay its factory workers in Bangladesh because of the coronavirus. The rumors first began in an article that was published by Remake on June 1, which initially reported that the company Global Brands Group (GBG),

“refused to pay its garment suppliers for orders produced in February and March following a drop in sales caused by the coronavirus pandemic.”

The article mentioned that GBG listed Kendall + Kylie on its portfolio of affiliated brands, however this listing has since been removed. On July 2, Kendall+ Kylie responded to the claims made by Remake saying that the rumors “were not true” and the clothing brand is not owned by GBG,

“We would like to address the unfortunate and incorrect rumor that Global Brands Group owns the Kendall + Kylie brand and that we have neglected to pay factory workers in Bangladesh as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is untrue. The Kendall + Kylie brand is owned by 3072541 Canada Inc., not GBG. The brand has worked with CAA-GBG in the past in a sales and business development capacity only, but we do not currently have any relationship at all with GBG. We know these are trying times for the fashion industry and garment workers as a whole, and we continue to support all of our partners working in the factories who produce our products. We manufacture in countries all over the world and have not received any concerns from the factories who produce our goods.”

A week prior to Kendall+ Kylie releasing a statement regarding the claims made by Remake, the magazine added an update to the original article,

“Remake has been petitioning Global Brands Group (who listed KENDALL + KYLIE as an affiliated label on their website until yesterday, 6/23/20), for refusing to pay garment workers for cancelled orders produced in February and March.Yesterday, we received word from a KENDALL + KYLIE representative that the label does not have ‘current’ orders with Global Brands Group and will pursue legal action if we didn’t remove our posts and apologize.”

Remake continued the update saying,

“To this we must ask: Do KENDALL + KYLIE know who their suppliers are? And can they confirm that the women who sew their clothing line have been paid during the coronavirus crisis? Until we receive clear answers from the KENDALL + KYLIE team and are given proof that they have paid garment makers, we will continue to investigate. We’ve also invited the KENDALL + KYLIE team to dialogue with us to learn more about the women who bring their label to life.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla