Memphitz Rumored To Appear On LHHA Reunion Show, To Confront K.Michelle

The rumors surrounding Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta are running rampant today. According to one of our insiders, there is a slight possibility that Memphitz may appear on the reunion show. Just to give you a bit of the back-story, Memphitz (is currently married to Toya Wright, the ex-wife of Lil Wayne) was once romantically linked to LHHA’s K.Michelle. K.Michelle alleges that when they were in a relationship together, Memphitz was physically abusive to her. K.Michelle shared her story as a former domestic abuse victim to a few media outlets. Memphitz adamantly denied ever being physically abusive to K.Michelle.

Fast forward to the present day, and we hear that the show’s executive producer (Mona Scott-Young) is trying to encourage Memphitz to appear on the reunion show, in the hopes of ending their feud and to provide K.Michelle with some sort of closure. My question to you is, do you think it would be a good idea for Memphitz to appear on the show? Would that provide K.Michelle with closure? Or would that ruin Memphitz’s image? Chime in on your thoughts!