Mona Scott Young Denies Canceling Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Reunion Show

Earlier today, a pesky little rumor started that the reunion show for Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta had been cancelled. Initially, a site called Diary Of A Street King had reported that because of all of the internal fighting between cast members, Mona Scott-Young (the show’s executive producer), had decided to interview the cast individually (as she did for the New York version of the show). But contrary to this report, Mona denies that there’s any truth to this. Wednesday morning, she wrote on twitter:

GM! How do these silly rumors even get started???!!! It Ain’t so! Reunion is NOT cancelled. #SillyRumor #StayTuned Thanks!!

Welp. There ya have it. BTW, will you tune into the reunion show? Or have you had enough of this season already?