Brother Nature – Footage Of Him Being Violently Kicked & Punched Goes Viral, Alleged Attacker Says: He Should Learn How To Speak To People

Brother Nature

Brother Nature — Footage Of Internet Personality Getting Beat Up Goes Viral, Alleged Attacker Tweets ‘He Should Learn How To Speak To People’

One man is taking responsibility after footage of Internet personality Brother Nature, who’s known for befriending animals on social media, getting beat up surfaced and went viral.

The man, who goes by @phatdabb_gmn on Twitter retweeted a guy who laughed,

“This n***a dabs beat up brother nature”

He shared a video and added,

“He should learn how to speak to ppl”

It’s not clear what exactly happened that made the guy allegedly get physical with Brother Nature, but footage of the altercation shows a guy kicking Brother Nature as the social media star holds his head. He then took a cup that appeared to have a beverage in it and poured it on Brother Nature, who was still recovering from the kicks. He followed it up with another pour on Brother Nature. 

At the end of the clip, it looks like Brother Nature tried to run out of the restaurant. But a second clip shows the same guy beating him up outside.

Brother Nature later took to social media to seemingly express his disappointment that everyone in the restaurant just watched him get beat up.

He appeared to be just fine after he smiled as he seemed to ice his lip on Instagram a couple of hours later.

We hope Brother Nature is okay!



Authored by: Char Patterson