Rocsi Diaz Melts for Luke James, Kim Kardashian’s Guiseppe’s + Alexandra Burke Hits Jamaican Independence Day

BET’s Rocsi Diaz was caught melting on stage, thanks to Luke James’ vocal skills.

Kanye West’s ‘Perfect B*tch’, Kim Kardashian, took a quick photo of herself, before heading to the airport. Celine leather sweat pants, Helmut Lang t shirt, Kanye West’s Guiseppe Zannoti heels, the girl stays fashionable for the clear port.

Backstage, the look on Nicki Minaj’s face, at Drake, is priceless.

Lala, who is currently filming during the Olympics, cheeses with Tim Vincent.

Pop idol Alexandra Burke was seen looking pretty stylish at the Jamaican Independence Day party.

Also up at the Jamaican Independence day party we found Shaggy roaming around.