Trina Releases ‘Real One’ Video Featuring Rico Love

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This week, Trina premiered her new video for the single, “Real Love” with assistance from singer/producer Rico Love. It has been awhile since we last heard from the original Queen of Miami.

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In the single, she rhymes about her vow to never let the wrong one in her life again, but we wonder if this song is dedicated to her ex former NBA player Kenyon Martin, who she first dated before French Montana. Anywho, on the track, she rhymes:

I shot myself, I caught myself
For myself, by myself
Got my health, got my wealth
Got my own, don’t need no help
Know how to play with the cards I’m dealt
But it would be nice to have a REAL ONE,
Picked fences with a lil’ one
Fly n*gga with a bankroll,
Educated, but still to know how to kill somethin’,
Is that too much to ask?
Do I want too much, too fast?
Do I drive these n*ggas mad,
Soon as they touch the ass?