K.Michelle Responds To Toya Wright: Threatens To Slap Her, Disses Her Having A GED

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s K.Michelle must have just gotten wind of what Toya Wright said in a recent interview this week. Earlier this week, for what she says is her first time addressing K.Michelle, Toya commented on the allegations that her husband, Memphitz, had been physically abusive to K.Michelle in the past. Toya defended her husband, saying:

The picture she’s painting of my husband is not my husband. I’ve been knowing him for six years, I know several women that he has dated that never said anything about abuse. If somebody abuse you like that, where is the proof, where is the police report, where is the pictures, where is the messages that you said he sent threats to your kid and threatened to kill your child?…It don’t matter about love, you would be in jail if you threaten my kid…

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon, and K.Michelle has responded to Toya’s remarks, adding her own personal jabs: She wrote:

@ToyaWright enough of the BS. I have no problem with u. I’m gonna tell my story. This was way b4 u. So 4u 2try and bash me is just pathetic I’m not crazy enough to not have custody of my son, but I am crazy enough to slap the sh*t out of u. On sight be careful for what u ask for! I got yo proof it’s on yo finger # my budget paid for that.I need proof That u have a GED! you told ur story, I have a right to tell mine. So stop talkin shit about something u know nothing about. I’m from Memphis!

The plot has certainly thicken. What do you think of K.Michelle’s response to Toya? Should Memphitz intervene, so that Toya can stay out of it? Or should all parties have a seat and keep quiet?