From-The-Horses-Mouth : Chris Tucker Addresses ‘Last Friday’ Movie Rumors

Funny guy Chris Tucker finally addresses the rumors that he will be rejoining the ‘Friday’ cast in his role as Smokey. Both Ice Cube and Mike Epps have been throwing Chris’ name out there saying they are hoping he will agree to come on board in the much anticipated ‘Last Friday’ but now we’re hearing it straight from the horses mouth. Chris appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show on Friday to clear the air. He spoke on whether or not he will appear in the movie, why he didn’t sign on for ‘Next Friday’ and how he feels about Ice Cube starting all the hoopla. Here are a few excerpts.

On rejoining the ‘Friday’ cast:

“You know what? I don’t know. I talked to Ice Cube, because it’s such a big rumor and people get mad if you say you ain’t doing something so I’m real careful. Me and Cube, we’re talking about it and they’re working on a script. If it comes back, but I don’t think it’ll be as special as the first one.”

On why he didn’t appear in ‘Next Friday’:

“When they was doing the Next Friday, I already was doing Money Talks — and I always wanted to keep going next level and all that stuff so I wouldn’t be in that box, so, I was doing Money Talkswith Charlie Sheen and then after that we did all the Rush Hour‘s and the Fifth Element, Dead Presidents and all that stuff, so, that’s what happened. I was already doing another movie. … Back then I was real smart, so I’m trying to get back to that so we’ll see what happens but I doubt it.”

Here’s Ice Cube’s self told plan of action to get Chris to rejoin the cast:

“I hope so. I got a part written in for him. It’s really about Chris,” Cube said when asked if Tucker is returning. “I’m not going to beg him to be in the movie, but I’m going to ask him…twice. (laughs) And hopefully he’ll do it. We’re trying to make a deal. That’s what the fans want. I want to give the fans what they want, but with or without Chris, we’re going to make you laugh. It’s a funny movie. It’s a lot of funny, new characters that pop in, mixed with a lot of the characters that we’ve known over the three movies. It’s crazy and it’s back to the basics.”

We are hoping Chris will make an appearance in the final ‘Friday’. Do you think he’ll give in?