[Video] Trey Songz Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’ Side-Steps NeYo’s Comments & Relationship Status

Tuesday morning, Trey Songz visited The Breakfast Club to promote his new album Chapter V. Peep a few excerpts below.

If he plans to venture away from R&B a bit:

I’m not. I have no plans on abandoning R&B.

His response to NeYo’s comment that his songs lack emotion:

I feel like he’s getting too much of my energy. So, I’m cool. One thing about being in this game, you know situation you walking into and i never really say things (that I don’t want to say)…when you say something you shouldn’t have said it….

If he’d ever do a record with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline:

I haven’t heard none of her music. I saw the first episode, I haven’t seen an episode since.

If he’s single or in a relationship:

It’s none of they business.

Watch the full interview below.