Ovary Hustlin’ : Keri Hilson Denies Being Pregnant

Word around ovary hustlin’ town is Miss Keri Baby (Keri Hilson), is expecting. Honestly, we’re not sure where the rumors started, but according to Keri, it is absolutely false. On twitter, she exclaimed:

I am NOT pregnant! *runs to the gym* why the f*ck they sayin that? Rumors people, rumors. Damn! Let a sista live *wink*

Outside of dodging pregnancy rumors, according to her tweets, Keri is prepping to take her talents to African again. She wrote:

just got an offer to go back to one of the countries in Africa that I’ve visited before. Different city this time!! Stay tuned! #iloveafrica Been to Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Mozambique, & S. Africa more than a few times ;) Still on my mission to see the entire continent tho!