New Details About Chris Lighty’s Death + What Allegedly Triggered Suicide?

Late Thursday afternoon, we learned that 44-year-old music executive Chris Lighty had committed suicide. One day later, more details about this tragic story have surfaced (some unconfirmed). So what happened? According to reports, Chris and his estranged wife Veronica Lighty (she filed for divorce last year) had a heated argument in his home. Reportedly, he walked away from the argument after declaring

“I’m tired of this.”

Chris does have two children, however they were not in the home, but at a nearby park. NY Daily News reports that Chris went into the home’s basement patio and ended his life. And while we’ve learned that he had a $5 million debt with the IRS, the Associated Press reportes that he paid off most of what he owed by selling a Manhattan apartment for $5.6 million in October. Moving trucks were at the home, as the veteran music manager prepared to move out of the three-story townhouse. To date, the Lighty family has not released a statement.