[EXCLUSIVE] Interview: Singer Lil Mo Explains Rumors of Estranged Son, ‘Catfish’ Star Kidd Cole: ‘He’s had a hard life!’

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Chances are, if you’re a fan of the show Catfish, you’ve heard of aspiring producer/rapper, Kidd Cole (real name Jerez Coleman). MTV’s Catfish is a reality-based docu-series television series about the truths and lies of online dating. This season, the show ventured into other arenas, giving people other opportunities to share other stories outside of love. Recently, producer/rapper named Kidd Cole was featured. In short, the DC native  claimed to be an artist under Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. label. By the end of the episode, viewers learned that Cole was completely untruthful about his music career and involvement in Ye’s label. In fact, according to the show, Cole had scammed  multiple people out of money and resources.

While the buzz about the episode has died down, we’ve discovered that Cole has a connection to singer/reality star Lil Mo (real name Cynthia Loving). Apparently, two of Lil Mo’s children are siblings to Cole. They share the same father–Lil Mo was previously married to Gus Stone. Gus is Cole’s father and is also the father to two of Lil Mo’s daughters Heaven and God’Iss-Love.

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Sharing the news on Instagram, she wrote:

Big shoutout to MY “estranged” SON!! @colepushaz! i cannot sit here and LOL and point fingers at a young man that has the SAME FATHER as my daughters heaven and Godiss love. i saw the MTV