[FULL Interview] Evelyn Lozada Compares Incident to Rape, Says She Didn’t Deserve What Happened

Friday evening, Evelyn Lozada’s highly anticipated interview with Nightline’s Amy Robach aired. This was the first interview that the Basketball Wives’ star granted, since the alleged domestic dispute with her estranged husband Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson. Dressed in a conservative navy dress, the short 10 minute segment included a very tearful Evelyn, sharing her side of the story. Peep a few excerpts.

On how she felt about the cameras rolling during most of their relationship:

I cringe sometimes, I forget that the cameras are there.

On initially confronting Ochocinco about the receipt with the condom purchase:

It was literally like three weeks after the wedding. I knew that he was lying. I told him, ‘I’m not sticking with you this’.

On how she felt when she went to a neighbor’s home after the incident.

Humiliated, embarrassed. In shock. My fairytale had just ended.

On why some critics are not sympathetic or don’t believe her because of her behavior on ‘Basketball Wives’:

I understand it, but I also think that it’s just like saying ‘Look at what she had on, that’s why she got raped’. Whatever the perception is of me on ‘Basketball Wives’, that doesn’t justified what happened.

On what her behavior will be like on the next season of ‘Basketball Wives’:

I’m always going to voice opinion, but you won’t see me acting a fool.

On how she feels about Ocho’s comments, expressing that he still loves her:

Sad. It’s the hardest thing in the wold, to walk away from someone you really love.

Full Interview:

BTW, What did you think of Evelyn’s comments? And do you agree with her comments that her ‘Basketball Wives’ perception did not warrant the alleged incident?