The Old Comical Ochocinco Has Returned, Is It TOO Soon?

Apparently, one bad press incident (or monkey) don’t stop no show. The humorous twitter side of Chad Ochocinco Johnson has returned. Initially, he was mum on one of his favorite social media sites, twitter, after he received an overwhelming amount of negative press (resulting from the domestic abuse dispute with his wife Evelyn Lozada). Fast forward to the present day (four days after Lozada’s first public interview aired) and the old humors Ocho is back with his usual twitter jokes. Over the weekend, he wrote:

I’m black, 34, unemployed, still training, made a mistake, apologized n I still look good…Not trying to intrude on anyone’s family function tomorrow but I was serious about coming to chill and grab a bite to eat, it’s a holiday……Some1 in Dade or Broward County will have soul food on their menu tomorrow, don’t hesitate to invite me via twitter, I won’t hesitate 2 eat.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Lozada has remained low-key. Outside of tweeting twice since the incident (about her brother-in-law’s death and her Nightline interview) and photogs have only caught her out twice in public. What are your thoughts–is it too soon for Ochocinco to be comical on twitter or do we all need to move on?