Bobbi Kristina Calls Cissy Houston’s Book About Her Mother ‘Disrespectful’

It appears that Bobbi Kristina and her grandmother, Cissy Houston, have a difference of opinion about the late Whitney Houston. As most of you know, Cissy, the mother of the late Whitney, has penned a book titled “Remembering Whitney“. During a recent episode of Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Next Chapter’, Cissy went into great detail discussing the book, opening up about Whitney’s life, drug addiction and decline. Unfortunately, Bobbi Kristina is none too pleased about. The 20-year-old took to twitter, basically saying that she disapproves of the book. She wrote: 

ANYTHING concerning mygrandmothers Book• I& @nickdgordonOF COURSE personally have NOTHING 2 do with• I ask you pls RESPECT tht•Haven’t read & won’t• I find it 2B Disrespect 2 MYMOTHER & me being HER DAUGHTER won’t tolerate it. I LOVE YOU ALL for your support though & I thank you immensely••xO! I KNOW THE TRUTH . HER…. #Oblivious & #OUTOFLINEWRONG. But it’s all good & nothing but love, MYMOTHER taught ME better than that. (: xO