Al Roker Defends Halloween Costume – “I Didn’t Have To Change My Skin Color”

Al Roker Defends Halloween Costume – “I Didn’t Have To Change My Skin Color”

Today show weatherman Al Roker was very vocal against Megyn Kelly when she defended the use of blackface. He did not bite his tongue when he said that she owed the entire African American community apology.  On Halloween, Roker dressed up as Doc Brown, the quirky scientist from the 1985 film Back To The Future. A few Internet trolls attempted to equate Roker dressing up as a white character to a white person doing blackface. Al Roker wasted no time responding  to naysayers, reiterating that you can dress up as whoever you want, just don’t color your skin.

I’m going to say this one last time, but the folks who get it, understand and the ones who DON’T, won’t. I can be Doc Brown, and I wear the outfit and wig and not change my skin color if you’re white, you can be President Obama if you want. Just don’t color your skin!

Of course, Internet trolls who refused to get the message that Al Roker was trying to convey, continued to argue that Roker’s costume was the equivalent to blackface but the TV vet held his own perfectly.

One person asked Roker:

I’ve seen people today color their skin green, purple, ect for holloween costume. So this is now wrong? Guess I don’t get it!

In which he answered,

Yes, you are offending all the green and purple people walking around. Seriously?

Eventually, he just responded to all of the trolls with a simple, “Bless your heart. Have a great day.”

Al Roker is a national treasure.


Authored by: Eleven8