Nick Cannon Announces “Drumline 2”

Nick Cannon’s hustle is admirable. Although he reminds me of a Ryan Seacrest-Russell Simmons remix, he’s clearly carving out his very own lane. Periodically, I check his wiki and news alerts, and it appears the man has gotten his hands in d*mn-ear everything TV-wise. Recently, he announced a sequel to the popular movie ‘Drumline’. The original 2002 film starred Nick, Zoe Saldana, Jason Weaver and Orlando Jones, bringing in over $56 million in the U.S.

Details on Part 2? Nothing has officially been announced to date, however, don’t expect Nick to play the lead for that matter–he’s too d*mn old (his words, not mine).

What’s more? He sorta/kinda inferred that one of his biggest dreams is to open a hospital.

Anywho, what do we think about plans for Drumline 2–good idea or is it best to leave a classic movie alone?