[Interview: Part 2] Diamond Talks West Coast Life, Friendship With Tiny + Her Personal Phobia

In part 2 of our exclusive interview with Diamond, she opens up about living a bi-costal life (LA and Atlanta), why she’s so close to T.I.’s wife, Tiny, and her phobia of failing. Check it out below.

Courtney Elaine: Do you live in LA now, what are you doing in LA?

Diamond: I’m bicoastal. I have a house in Atlanta and a Condo in LA. In LA, I’ve been doing a lot of film. I’m supposed to being doing a film that Queen Latifah produced at the end of December going into the New Year. Out there, it’s much of a freedom of expression. I had to go out there to clear my mind and see things the way that I see it now. It wasn’t just work but also a way for me to clear my mind and get me in the right place for where I need to be. This is my very first solo album; it’s imperative for me to have my mind in the right place.

CE: What’s the La scene like vs. the ATL scene?

Diamond: It’s so carefree. It’s a lot similar to New York, its not as fast paced. My whole family is from New York; they moved to Atlanta and had me. I have a very big family. LA is freedom of expression. You could wear whatever you want to and it won’t even matter. It’s so diverse. One of my close friends is white, and it blew people’s minds coming from where I come from. I needed to have that element of diversity. I needed to talk to young woman, worldwide. I can’t think narrow minded. I really enjoyed being out there.

CE: Are you still close to your girlfriends in Atlanta? We used to see you with Toya and Kandi a lot.

Diamond: Yes of course, everyone is just very busy. I love Tiny she has been there for me through so much. To see where she was and where she is now, she deserves that and so much more. It’s just everybody being on his or her grind. Especially Kandi, we all support each other. It’s all about supporting each other and being the best woman that you can be.

CE: If you could pick one song to me the soundtrack to your life, what would it be?

Diamond: Can I do past and present?

CE: Yes.

Diamond: The past would be Eminem ft. Rihanna, ‘Love the way you Lie’ and the present would be Katy Perry, ‘I’m wide awake’.

CE: Why’d you pick those two songs?

Diamond: I’ve really dealt with a lot of things in a way that I thought was okay. I loved that record by Eminem it’s a huge reflection of where I was. Katy Perry’s Wide Awake, she was going through a lot with her husband, everyone being in her business, the same thing with me. It was just a way of saying I’m wide-awake, I fall, I’m getting back up, I see things much clearer. That’s what it is. I’m taking the world by surprise again. This is my second chance. The video just shows how things were bad but they are clearer now. I love Hip Hop but I would pick R&B and pop more. Those were the first two songs that came to my mind.

CE: When was the last time you cried?

Diamond: Last week.

CE: Why?

Diamond: I was trying to fight something. I was scared to; I have a phobia of failing. I don’t compete with others. I can stand next to the baddest b*tch in America and still feel confident in myself because everyday I strive to me a bigger and better me. Everyday I compete with myself. I was scared about making a decision because I thought that it would make me fail or it would make me appear to look a certain kind of way. I realized that on the other side of your fear, are your dreams. I think the tears were relief and also I shedding tears of me going into this new transition in life. It wasn’t a sad cry. It was like winning the election before you actually win it. I didn’t want to make a decision but I saw where I would end up in the long run and it scared the living sh*t out of me. My plan was to do it this way and this is a different way. It all goes back to stepping out on faith.

CE: What’s your favorite lipstick color?

Diamond: Red. I love Mac, Russian red and YSL. YSL has some dope lip-glosses that last a very long time.

CE: What do you want your legacy to ultimately be?

Diamond: I just want to change the world and doing something for the kids. They mean so much to us because they are going to responsible for controlling the world 10 and 20 years from now. I think it’s important to give back to them and do something special for them. I have an organization called Diamonds Little Angels, go to the hospital and give back to the kids.

CE: Are there any rumors you want to clear up?

Diamond: Nope.

This month, Diamond’s dropping a new video, along with a calendar (scheduled to be released in November). For all things Diamond, ou can follow her on Facebook at Brittany Diamond Carpentero, @DiamondATL and DiamondATL.com.

Diamond, TJB Correspondent Courtney Elaine

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