Taye Diggs Criticized For Not Wanting Son to Choose Black or White

Taye Diggs Son-the jasmine brand

Taye Diggs is coming under fire, after comments he’s made about his son’s race. As you know, the 44-year-old actor recently released his second children’s book, Mixed Me, inspired by his biracial 6-year-old son, Walker. Walker’s mother, Indina Menzel, is a white actress and singer. In an interview with The Grio, Diggs explains why he wrote his first book, Chocolate Me:

The first book I wrote, Chocolate Me, was based on my experiences growing up a little chocolate boy in a predominately white neighborhood, and how I would get made fun of, and how through my mother and father and my own recognition, I was able to develop the power of self love.

Actor Taye Diggs And Son-the jasmine brand

He adds:

[Mixed Me] is kind of along similar lines for my son, even though in this day and age he’s going to have less of an issue being mixed than I did. It’s a book of self love and self appreciation and knowing that you are special regardless of what people will say about you because people will always say stuff.

Diggs’ comments about how President Obama is racially identified, caused a bit of backlash.


Authored by: TJB Writer