[Video] Barbara Walters Calls Donald Trump A ‘Fool’ for His Obama Announcement

This week, some folk raised their eyebrows when Donald Trump made his big announcement about President Obama via press conference and YouTube. In short, Trump offered Obama a check for $5 million (to be donated to the charity of his choice), if he (Obama) would release his college transcripts. Donald defended his rationale for releasing the video, writing on twitter:

Meanwhile, Trump’s close friend, Barbara Walters, is none too pleased about the announcement. This week, on ‘The View’, she reprimanded him, saying

“Donald, you and I have known each other for many years and you know that I am your friend, and I think you are a brilliant businessman, and you are great on television and you have a fascinating personality.”

Peep the clip.
[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/gY93CYLYRr0[/youtube]

What do you think of Barbara’s comments–on point or not so much?