Bobbi Kristina Says She’s A Grown Woman + More Cup Cakin’ Pix With Nick Gordon

The twitter public displays of affection between Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend Nick Gordon continue. The two recently snapped a few Instagram photos together, proving that critics and public opinion of their relationship will not phase these love birds. Speaking of twitter, recently, we spotted a heated twitter exchange between Bobbi and a twitter follower. Someone on twitter called the 19-year-old reality star a ‘girl’ and Bobbi barked back that she’s a grown woman (my words, not hers). She wrote:

I was NO longer a child the sec my mom took herLASTbreath. …Lol ppl these days. X| sometimes ya gotta say whatcha gotta say. Lol ( I am my mothers child ..) lol I loveUall thank U4 ur love&support!

There ya have it!