Erykah Badu Demands Apology From “Surviving R.Kelly” Producer Dream Hampton

Erykah Badu Demands Apology From “Surviving R.Kelly” Producer Dream Hampton

The fallout from the drama surrounding Erykah Badu’s comments regarding R. Kelly just continues to fester. After offering multiple clarifications to her statements about the troubled singer/songwriter/producer, Badu has now demanded an apology from claims that she was directly asked to appear in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, but refused.

Erykah Badu and Surviving R. Kelly producer Dream Hampton found themselves involved in a war of words over the alleged request of Badu and her ultimate refusal to appear in the controversial Lifetime documentary. Badu completely denies she was ever asked to appear in the doc and wants an apology for false claims, while Hampton cries foul and states that she was definitely asked through her team, but decided against participating. Both women aired out their grievances on their respectively Twitter accounts.

Erykah Badu tweeted directly to Hampton, saying

“You know that’s not true. I wasn’t a necessary component. You had all the right people, the ones close to the situation…But for now, produce this “producer’s” request or… APOLOGIZE. It’s simple.”

To which Hampton responded, dismissing Badu’s request for an apology while bringing up new alleged instances of her past support of R. Kelly. She said,

“Apologize? Are you kidding? Again, you PUBLICLY said he did more for black people than anyone? If you want to apologize for that, fine, apology accepted, on behalf of Harriet and the whole crew. What you meant by calling him your brother from the stage, I’ll never know…”

At press time, Badu has not yet responded to Hampton’s new claims of her supporting R. Kelly. However, given her outspoken nature, expect a response sooner rather than later.

Tell us, do you think this whole thing surrounding Erykah Badu and R. Kelly has gotten out of control? Is it time for celebrities to stay out of the Surviving R. Kelly drama?

By Danielle Jennings

Authored by: Kellie Williams