Jay Electronica Criticizes President Obama: Where are your balls?!

Jay Electronica-Criticizes President Obama-Wheres your nuts-the jasmine brand

Like some Americans, Jay Electronica (real name Timothy Elpadaro Thedford) is fuming about the state of black America. With the fall-out from Mike Brown and Eric Garner decisions, protests and those voicing their concerns about race relations is at all time high. The 38-year-old rapper recently hopped on Twitter, sharing his anger about politics, blacks and President Obama’s lack of involvement. He tweets:

shut the f*ck up w all that we need peace talk. Peace ain’t gonna fall outta the sky. and shut the f*ck up with that black on black crime bullsh*t. Who extracts metal from the earth and mass produces weapons with it? Blacks? how do these guns find their way into our hands. did we raid the military bases and get them? do we manufacture them?everybody knows who the true criminals are. f*ck all this politically correct shit. we live in a criminal nation, founded by rapists, mass murderers and robbers. so don’t tell me about “black on black” crime. these motherf*ckers are poisoning the food air land and water and causes wars all over the earth, extincting [sic] entire

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species of animals.. and then have the nerve to point a finger talking about crime and thugs. You motherf*ckers are