Evelyn Lozada Addresses Ochocinco’s Girlfriend On Twitter, ‘These Birds Are Disgusting!’

It appears that Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada is unimpressed with whom her ex-husband, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, has been dating lately. While tweet hustlin’, we caught wind of an entertaining exchange between Evelyn and a woman named Jessica, one of Ochocinco’s alleged boo’s. Now we can’t tell if Jessica is really Ocho’s new love interest, however, she (Jessica) has a few photos of she and Ocho. She’s also shared a few chest-naked pics of the former NFL’er as well.

What’s more? We can’t tell how the exchange between Evelyn and Jessica started, but things got a bit heated. Evelyn took a few shots at Jessica’s appearance, tweeting:

I’m convinced that for some men c**chie don’t have a face! Some of these birds are DISGUSTING! Anything for a sp*rm deposit #Gross#TurnOff You wrecked a Maserati so you can ride a Corolla!

For our viewing pleasure, she also tweeted a photo of Jessica.

Meanwhile, Jessica responded:

just wondering, who’s mad? He’s a pathological liar, by definition, he lies to everyone. Even “Ev”… question is, why do I have notifications from you?! Why are you sweating me?! Hop off… the same compassion that you used when you let a man repeatedly put his hands on you #rolemodel…not upset just done watching you be his enabler and reinforce that he thinks he’s a changed man while he lies to everyone

Yikes! Anywho, the new season of Basketball Wives Miami began filming last week. Perhaps we’ll see this play out on TV?