Keyshia Cole Responds to Sexually Explicit Leaked Photo

Early Thursday morning, an explicit photo of a young woman having an intimate moment with a man was leaked. Without posting the photo (those days are over y’all!), I’ll say that the woman in question is ‘dropping an album’ (that’s what I call it, judge me!) for her man. The photo claims that it’s Keyshia Cole and of course it does favor Keyshia. But according to Keyshia, that photo is not the married R&B singer. In response to the X-rated photo, she wrote on twitter:

Evil a$$ haters STAY on some BullShyt! Y’all wish! Lol! Let em have fun! they seem to enjoy being filth, I say let emm talk! People that have No self respect you worship! Folks that have a child, a husband, hustled from the bottom up, y’all try to tear down. Shame.

Meanwhile, Keyshia’s fans have defender her on twitter and say that it’s clearly not her–as she’s missing a recognizable tattoo. Anywho, if you’ve peeped the photo, what do you think? And should married women w/ children be outta line, in terms of the leaked x-rated photos?