Five Questions for Big Boi + The Dopest Feature About His Wife

Recently, we caught up with Big Boi (real name Antwan André Patton), after listening to his new album (Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors) @ DTLR’s listening session in Washington, DC. We asked him five simple questions. Check ’em out.

1. In one sentence, describe how a fan will feel after listening to the new album?

Big Boi: I just want them to enjoy the ride. It’s like an hour and 7 minutes worth of music, 17 songs on the deluxe. I’m having fun doing what I love doing and as long as they keep appreciating the music.I keep supplying it to them.


2. What was the most challenging song to record or write on this album?  

Big Boi: All of them really. Being in a group with a partner, sharing the writing responsibilities but writing all the songs yourself is challenging. I accepted the challenge and it turned out good.

3. Most annoying question that you've ever been asked by press/media?  

Big Boi: That’s a hard one. Really nothing, because it’s not like these are people you see everyday so when I get asked a question, i answer it accordingly.

4. Would you ever consider doing reality TV:   

Big Boi: It has to be something added to it, like I would do something about my dogs something like that but not just people following me, trying to see how rich I am and where I live at…

5. You’re one of the few rappers married, that ‘we’ know about. What’s the dopest thing about your wife?

Big Boi: She bad man. She look better than all these R &B singers, she looks better than all these hoes ….And everybody knows that, my wife is bad.

6. Favorite scripture or motto.

 Big Boi: ‘Each one, teach one’. Fa sho.

[Credit: Kelley Givens]
-K. Ava Nash-Jones, @Willdav4