[Video] Did Beyonce Reveil More On Documentary? + Watch Her On Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’

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In addition to premiering her HBO documentary, ‘Life is But A Dream’, over the weekend, Beyonce fans, stans and critics tuned in to an intimate sit-down with Oprah Winfrey on OWN’s “Next Chapter.” We snagged the full interview with Oprah, and Bey discussed her Super Bowl performance, Blue Ivy, and firing her dad from being her manager. Peep the excerpts and watch the full interview below.

On if she caused the power outage at the Super Bowl:

“I think I did. I couldn’t believe that happened. It was so surreal because all of this energy I had bottled up inside of me and I didn’t know how it would feel when I was actually performing because we rehearsed so much and I was prepared but you just never know… And when I got off the stage, it felt like I won the Super Bowl because it felt like such a relief, like it was done. And then my husband said ‘And the power’s out.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah right. That’s funny.’ And he said, ‘No, look at the TV.’ The power literally went out.”

On if she celebrated after the Super Bowl:

“I did, I had some fried alligator, I had turtle which I never had before (very interesting, I dunno if I’d do that again), we ate so well. I had a drink with my mother for the first time. My mother doesn’t drink and I said, ‘Mom tonight after all this work,’ (she did 100 costumes for those dancers) I said, ‘We’re gonna have a toast.’ So I had a drink with her and we went to a party and danced to Frankie Beverly and Maze all night. We had a great celebration.”

On firing her father (Mathew Knowles) as her manager:

“It was difficult. And we both knew it was time maybe a few years before, but I love my father so much and he has taught me so many things, so it was something that was hard. I don’t know what else to say, but I can say that this doc really helped me, for one, just editing and really seeing our dynamics and healing our relationship as father and daughter. This documentary healed me from so many things.”

On what it’s like to be Beyonce:

“I must to say I feel so good to be a mother. It’s what I’m the most proud of, and it just made everything make sense to me. And I couldn’t imagine my life if I didn’t have my daughter.”

On if she would have released her documentary if she didn’t have Blue Ivy:

“Well, I started on it years before I knew I was pregnant or having a baby. But I did not put it out because my story didn’t feel complete, and it’s been maybe three years… The story was incomplete. And I didn’t know why, but when I became pregnant, even after I was pregnant I still didn’t know why. And after I gave birth I looked at my diaries and I said, ‘Oh my God, everything makes sense now.’ I said life is but a dream three years before. It’s so many connections in the film that is my life that I didn’t understand until I gave birth.”

Check out the ‘Next Chapter’ episode below.

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And if you watched both ‘Next Chapter’ and ‘Life is But A Dream’, which gave fans a more intimate look at who Beyonce REALLY is? 


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