Azealia Banks Quits Twitter (Sorta) + Talks “Appropriation” of Black Culture by White People [VIDEO]

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If there’s one thing Azealia Banks is not going to do — it’s bite her tongue. The highly opinionated Harlem-bred artist is the queen of ruffling feathers and being authentic to her views on music, race, sexism, politics and more.

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In a recent interview with Channel 4 News, she shared that she just may become America’s first female president. However despite her political ambitions, she said that music was an escape from “how messed up everything is”.

She continues:

I just feel like for centuries and centuries and centuries black people have been painted to be these animals and just be these crazy people when we are really not and I feel like all of the things like hip hop – these are the things we have created for ourselves in the face of all of the adversity. We’ve created these things for ourselves and they are ours. And they make us feel good and we don’t want you in the same way you don’t want us in I don’t want you in here.